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As parents, especially new parents, you get concerned about every little aspect of your baby’s life. Fortunately, being a new parent now is not as hard as it used to be. You have a lot of tools that can provide very much help. Imagine that 20 or 30 years ago, parents had to make do with what they have, which wasn’t much. Now, you have something that helps you every step of the way. You have plenty of information that can assist you with every single stage of your baby’s development, you have tools for putting your child to sleep, and much more.

Bubzi Co Premium Baby Nasal Aspirator
Removes Nasal Congestion Caused By Colds, Flu and Allergies
Hospital Grade Soft Silicone Tip
Cleans In Seconds. Just Put Under Running Water
GracoNasalClear Nasal Aspirator
12 different children's tunes while in use
Battery operation lets you control the suction
Silicone tip for different nostril shapes
The SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator by NoseFrida
Hygienic, disposable filters are clinically proven
Safe, bpa & phthalate free
Convenient, easy to clean

One of the instruments I was talking about is a nasal aspirator. What is that you may wonder? A nasal aspirator is a small device that will help with the decongestion of your baby’s nose. It’s not like he can blow its own nose like adults do. And that will not happen anytime soon. Perhaps it will happen at the same time when the child will learn how to go potty. Until then, your little helper will be a nasal aspirator.

The advantages of using a nasal aspirator

You may think that you can do without. After all, you were a baby once, and your mother didn’t have a nasal aspirator to get rid of your snot. You are right. Mostly. But if there is a little thing in this world that makes your life easier and your baby more comfortable, isn’t it worth trying? Of course, it is. And here is why.

  • It can help your baby breathe better – apparently, in the first months of life, babies cannot breathe through their mouths. It means that whenever their little nose is congested, they cannot eat, which can prove to be incredibly frustrating for both of you. He will cry, you can’t do anything to sooth him, and so nobody is happy. The airways of an infant are minuscule, so a congested nose it’s not a rare thing. But a nasal aspirator will fix that in a matter of seconds.
  • It makes you job easier – whenever your baby has a runny nose, your tendency is to take a tissue and remove the snot. You will not be doing a very good job, though. Babies don’t know how to blow their nose, obviously. What’s left for you to do is to squeeze the nose and get as much snot out as possible. That won’t very much considering the size of the nose, so you’ll have to do it again in less than 5 minutes. Again, to no avail. However, a nasal aspirator will remove all the snot at once, which means that you’ll have to do it a lot less.
  • It prevents rashes – I think it’s safe to assume that you are familiar with what happens when you blow your nose multiple times like when you catch a cold or have the flu, aren’t you? No matter how soft the tissues are, your nose will get a rash from all that ‘trauma.’ What do you think happens when the nose is tiny, and the skin is highly sensitive? A nasal aspirator does not cause any rash.
  • It’s less invasive– using one of those hospital pumps will not be very comfortable for the baby. It may cause discomfort. And what do babies do whenever they feel uncomfortable? They cry…a You don’t want that do you?

Types of nasal aspirators

There is more than one kind of nasal aspirators. You can choose whichever you want. I just hope you are paying attention and make the right choice. Choosing the best nasal aspirator for babies is not a tough job when you have all the information at hand.

Bulb nasal aspirator

I think you know what that is. It’s that bulb you have to squeeze to get the air out, you insert it in the baby’s nose, and then release. It uses physics as a means to remove snot. It has advantages and disadvantages, but I wouldn’t recommend it to your child. Now you’re thinking that hospitals use it, so it must be okay. Well, it’s not. Hospitals use this kind because it’s the cheapest and is disposable. But everyone knows that they are not very efficient and the most difficult to clean. If you have one and you’re curious, just cut it in half. I can guarantee that you won’t like what’s inside. Chances are that it’s full of mold. You don’t want that thing anywhere near your baby, let alone inside his nose.

Human suction nasal aspirator

You know how it works, right? It’s parent-powered. You suck on a tube to get the snot out. But before scrolling in disgust, just pay attention for a minute and think about how many other gross things you had to do since you became a parent. Not a single drop will get in your mouth. You just generate the power of suction. The snot, however, will end up in a container or a special filter.

There is more to it than you think. The human suction nasal aspirator is actually one of the best there is. Why? For various reasons. For example, you get to control the suction power. It depends on how hard you suck. So if there is a stubborn bugger in there, you’ll get it for sure. Not to mention that cleaning is a lot easier and efficient than with the previous type. You can disinfect it thoroughly.

Electric nasal aspirator

Fortunately for you, this kind doesn’t require sucking or squeezing. It’s more of an alternative for lazy parents. You just have to push a button, and the snot will be gone in a matter of seconds. Electric nasal aspirators allow continuous suction, so no matter how stubborn a bugger is, it will be gone eventually.

So far you’re thinking that it’s too good to be true, aren’t you? It kind of is, I think. That is because the power of suction is not as high as the previous type and adjusting it is not an option. I guess you can see the logic behind the fact that manufacturers deliberately put a limit on that.

Although there are electric nasal aspirators that come with an AC adapter, most of them are battery operated. As you can guess, it can be frustrating sometimes, especially if the batteries die during the snot removal. But overall, they are very easy to use. It’s a shame that the suction is weak. I guess that manufacturers were afraid not to suck the baby’s brain out or something. I am joking, but they could have done a better job regarding this aspect.

What are the best nasal aspirators?

There are plenty of fish in the sea. You can find multiple models of each type I described above. All of them have pros and cons. In my opinion, as long as you stay away from the bulb nasal aspirator, you’re golden. Here are three examples of what I believe to be the best nasal aspirators for babies.

Bubzi Co Premium Baby Nasal Aspirator

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The Bubzi Co is one of those parent-powered nasal aspirators. The narrow tube will allow you to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose, without any of it getting in your mouth. The snot will end up in the container attached to the nozzle. It’s simple, efficient, and it provides immediate relief. It makes no difference that you baby has a cold, the flu, or a simple allergy. His nose will be decongested in 30 seconds or less.

The aspirator is made of a hospital grade soft silicone, which means it will not irritate the child’s nose. It fits comfortably in his nose, is BPA-free, and does not contain any harmful plastics. It is entirely safe around your baby. The aspirator is specially designed for parents who don’t know what they’re doing, which means it’s easy, quick, and comfortable to use.

Cleaning is very easy as well. All you have to do is disassemble it and put it under running water. The device will not get moldy like bulb aspirators do, and it needs no filters. Just put it in water, and it’s ready for re-use. It’s safe, it’s easy to use, and both you and your baby will be happy. A decongested nose can go a very long way. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

GracoNasalClear Nasal Aspirator

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Graco is a titan when it comes to making high-quality baby stuff. It has plenty of experience in child care, and it has an entire research team that is always looking for ways to make you and your baby satisfied and happy. As a result, it released this nasal aspirator. This is an electric aspirator that will solve a runny nose in a matter of seconds.

One of the features I like the most about this device is that it can play 12 different tunes while you take care of the baby’s nose. That will help a lot with future usage. If the baby likes the songs, he will always associate cleaning his nose with a pleasant experience. That way he will not get fussy. A happy baby means a happy parent. The device is battery operated and lets you control the suction. I am not referring to the power of suction. You can only maintain or release as needed. Make sure that the batteries are the same brand, and never mix fresh batteries with old ones.

The tip of the device is made of silicone and is suitable for different nostril shapes and different kinds of congestion. The clear plastic collection container helps you analyze your baby’s congestion. Cleaning is very easy since the tip and the container are removable. You won’t have to deal with mold or other bacteria. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

The SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator by NoseFrida

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The SnotSucker was invented by a Swedish pediatric ENT, and I think it’s safe to assume that it’s the most popular nasal aspirator on the market judging by the sales. It’s not difficult to see why. It’s a non-invasive method that will decongest your baby’s nose as fast as you can suck. Once you insert the nozzle in your child’s nose, Frida will create a seal. That provides a seamless and comfortable sucking from your part.

The SnotSucker is a parent-powered nasal aspirator, but it’s different than the previous model. It does not come with a container in which the snot is collected. Instead, it has a filter that will absorb all the mess. The filters are highly hygienic, disposable, and clinically proven to prevent any mucus or germs transfer.

Frida is very safe to use on your baby. It is BPA-free and phthalate-free. Using it is a convenient and easy job. Cleaning is even more effortless since most parts can be put on the top rack of your dishwasher. However, always remember to take the filter out before washing. Replace it only after the device is dry. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I think I am going to go with people’s choice, which is clearly the SnotSucker. It’s affordable, easy to use, and is highly efficient. Your baby will be able to breathe, and that means he will be happy. The result will be your own happiness and good mood. And for that simple reason, the SnotSucker is the best baby nasal aspirator on the market.


You would think that it is easy to make aninfant happy, but in reality, they are not very easy to please sometimes. When they cannot breathe, they panic, which is entirelyreasonable considering that he doesn’t know what is happening. That is why a nasal aspirator is such a necessity in your home. Your baby will have a decongested nose, and he will be able to eat and sleep. That will make you happy as well. Click here to buy on Amazon

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